THE OCÉANO GROUP leads the global market in Spanish language publication. Today it is the largest distributor of editorial content in all Spanish-speaking countries.

A network of the spread of Spanish language content,
constantly growing.

Our group is present in 21 Spanish-speaking countries on both sides of the Atlantic as well as in Portugal, Brazil and the United States.

This constitution allows THE OCÉANO GROUP to operate as both a global and national company at the same time, well renowned in countries where Spanish language culture circulates.

Our Editorial Group has been a pioneer in integrating new technologies with new channels for content creation. For the last number of years, we have been making use of the potential that the Internet offers as a highly valued complement to a growing number of our products.

THE OCÉANO GROUP offers a substantial catalog with a wide range of products and editorial lines:
  • Educational works for students of all levels, from preschool to university
  • Children's products
  • Teacher support products
  • Professional reference works
  • English language learning methods
  • Substantial bookstore catalogs with titles and themes for all tastes and needs.
Over 50 years ago, we made the commitment to satisfy all the information and education needs for millions of people. That is why our extensive editorial base is constantly in the process of update and expansion.

The Danae foundation placed the cornerstone for our Publishing Group in the 50s. With more than half a century of experience creating and editing the best materials, we deserve the trust of a very large public audience.

In all Spanish language markets, millions and millions of people every day place their confidence in Océano products.

The objective of José Lluis Monreal, founder and president of THE OCÉANO GROUP, has always been to deliver useful and high quality content to a broad sector of the public: in all media, through all channels, and in keeping with the requirements of the time.

In October of 2006, the Spanish government distinguished the group with the GOLD MEDAL OF MERIT IN FINE ARTS. The prize was presented by King Juan Carlos I as an acknowledgment of its career in the publishing world and for its contributions “to the cultivation of reading and the spread of knowledge and culture.”

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